Youth in Governance Survey
Yuva Governance.png

The Bengaluru Nava Yuva kicked off the ‘Youth in Governance Survey’ outside Cubbon Park, Bengaluru, during the later months of 2020.

Passionate youngsters were seen speaking to willing pedestrians and strollers, and understanding their views on Bengaluru’s local administration. They soon grew in size, as they conducted this exercise of interacting with citizens every weekend, outside parks and in iconic public places in areas such as Jayanagar, Indiranagar, and Basavanagudi.

The motive behind the survey was to assess public opinion regarding the participation of youngsters in Bengaluru's mainstream governance through the BBMP.

The response they received gives confidence that the citizens are willing to support younger candidates who wish to set foot into local governance. As per the survey reports, 82% of the respondents felt that the proportion of youngsters in government is not satisfactory.

Further, 51% have said that they are very likely to vote for fresh and young candidates as their corporator, while an additional 33% have said that they will also be likely to do the same depending on the credentials of the candidate. The most decisive response out of all, however, was when a massive 92% opined that the youth have to play a major role in the governance of Namma Bengaluru.

On being quizzed about the underwhelming youth involvement so far, respondents suggested that nepotism, lack of encouragement from other parties, and financial constraints are among the major problems faced by the youngsters while entering politics.

When asked about the possible differences between young politicians and their older counterparts, a common opinion that stood out was the freshness of ideas, as well as sustainable long-term perspectives that youngsters would bring to the table of city governance.