My First Vote for Bengaluru - Voter Registration Drive
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The voter turnout for the BBMP elections has always been meagre, with just 44% in 2015’s elections. Unfortunately, the importance of choosing our corporators and municipal governing representatives have often been sidelined - despite their direct impact on us and our surroundings.

Through this campaign, we hope to increase, diversify and strengthen the voter base for Bengaluru. The participation of youngsters in BBMP’s electoral process will ensure a local government that caters to our dynamic youth and city.

We have been running this registration drive through the combined effort of groundwork and social media campaigns. Together, let’s make your first vote for Bengaluru - each vote matters!

The Bengaluru Nava Yuva commits to identifying, ideating and dealing with problems in each of these topics through thorough research, surveying and awareness campaigns. Following this, there will be proactive work to remedy these problems by implementing various strategies and programs.

As you may have noticed, each of these topics have cyclical links with each other. For example, creating opportunities for physical fitness among youngsters will have a positive impact on their mental health Facilitating music and health education in schools will create a holistic development in Bengaluru’s youth, in turn, benefitting the society’s outlook towards art and mental health issues.

New Voters' Registration: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Voter ID Registration

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