Meet our Team
Rishvanjas Raghavan.jpg

Rishvanjas Raghavan 


Rishi has a background in Economics, Finance and Public Policy. He loves thinking about how governments and markets can function more efficiently. Having worked with several ministries and elected representatives across parties at the national level, he now aspires to work ground-up and directly impact the governance of his beloved Bengaluru city. 

Santosh R Kurpad.jpg

Santosh R Kurpad

General Secretary 

Santosh has spent most of his life in Bengaluru and he has a special attachment with the city that drives him to passionately work for the betterment of the society. You could see him run campaign after campaign, tirelessly and perfectly. He's been keenly waiting to go surfing after the pandemic!

Pranav Rao.jpg

Pranav Rao 

Head of Communications

Your typical Bengaluru Boy. You can find him putting one Masala Dose at CTR or in Airlines before a BFC game. Works tirelessly to ensure good governance in Bengaluru and believes it is possible through youth representation.

Chirag Magod.jpg

Chirag Magod


Chirag always strives to do things differently. He believes that the integration of good design and empathy can have a powerful effect in moving society forward. Football is one of the things that always keeps him going.

Advaith Jaikumar.jpeg

Advaith Jaikumar

Head of Content

Advaith, more like add-wit; that's what he does in every given opportunity. Advaith is a punny musician and writer who hopes to use his skills to highlight important issues such as sustainable development, social equity, and wildlife conservation. 


Radha Pennathur

Communication Designer

Radha works as an illustrator and designer with a focus on conservation, social justice and sustainable development. She also specialises at giving animals a comical touch through her illustrations!

ananya-square - Ananya Upadhya.jpg

Ananya Upadhya

Content Creator 

A student of Law, quizzer, and a Bangalorean. While a few words are enough to describe Ananya Upadhya, the expanse of her knowledge and passion for change cannot be put in words!

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Sanjith Rao


Sanjith is a student of Politics and Government. He is a powerful orator that drives his passion for public speaking and blogging. He is especially passionate about local governance and intra-city mobility.

IMG-20201018-WA0000 - Dhanya Mukund.jpg

Dhanya Mukund


Dhanya Mukund is a Lawyer specializing in Business Laws & Finance with a short haul at the prestigious Harvard University.Dhanya strongly believes that we youngsters are pivotal to bring about change in governance and has been passionately working towards making an impact since her teen years.

7BFBA199-F13C-4D7D-B3A2-8F186FF8658D - Arjun A.jpeg

Arjun A

Video Producer

Reader by day.Avid reader by night. He loses himself in the characters he writes.If you were looking for him, you would find him in between book racks, gaming chairs, darkened theatres or behind a lens!

pic - Abbin Mathew.png

Abbin Matthew

Content Creator 

Abbin is an Undergraduate student of Psychology. Although originally from Kerala, he has grown up with a memorable childhood  in Bengaluru. You would often find him singing and playing his ukulele.

PicsArt_01-09-10.41.47 - Pratap Sonkar.jpg

Pratap Sonkar


Pratap Sonkar is a PassionPreneur - an entrepreneur who is passionate about his work! He is enthusiastic about social work and tries his best to make a difference in the world. He likes surrounding himself with people who can turn the impossible to possible!

IMG_20180805_123622 - Vaibhav TS.jpg

Vaibhav TS


Bruce Lee once said, "be like water my friend", and here I am carrying myself like water. This is my introduction and all the interpretation is yours and yours only! Thank you!

IMG_20210614_152640 - Iteesha ashwath.jpg

Iteesha VA


Iteesha believes in the power of ordinary acts of kindness! She also believes in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another!

Vijay Prasad 

IMG_20200720_060844 - Vijay Prasad.jpg


Vijay is an individual who strives to work towards a progressive and harmonious society. He also hopes for a society of citizens taking responsibility for the wellbeing of their surroundings and demanding it on priority despite them being in a comfort zone. He strives to be an empathizing being every single day

PicsArt_05-16-11.54.59 - Jaichitra C S.jpg

Nachiketh Prasad


Nachiketh Prasad lives by Gary Vee's quote, "being yourself is so much easier, who are you trying to impress?"

He strives to live outside the box, and you would often find him enjoying some time among the mountains.

IMG_20191216_200903_522 - Simran Singh.jpg

Simran Singh


Simran is an inspiring entrepreneur. Just one conversation with her can show you her passion for continuous growth in all aspects of her life! She shares this same vision of growth for Bengaluru!

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Nikhil Kumar Jain


 Nikhil is a politics and current affairs enthusiast. He always wants his city to excel in every field, and hopes to give all he can you ensure this!