Civic Changemakers Programme


This programme is an opportunity for college students to gain first-hand exposure to Bengaluru’s local governance by being an active part of it. The aim is to instate a team of Civic Changemakers in every college of Bengaluru. 

The Civic Changemakers will be able to make an impact at their college level by learning, participating in intellectually stimulating events, as well as inspiring their colleagues to get involved with local governance and electoral processes. 

They will also be able to make an impact at the ward level by working on the ground, engaging with citizens and government officials, and getting local issues resolved.

Intern - Graphic Designer


A Design intern reports to the Communication Designer and assists the Social Media team. A Design Intern will be responsible for visualizing and creating graphics including illustrations, logos, layouts and photos.

Intern - Social Media Management


A Social Media Intern reports to the Social Media Manager and will brainstorm online campaign ideas, monitor Bengaluru Nava Yuva’s social media handles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. You will also assist in a range of marketing activities and will be responsible for increasing brand awareness.


Intern - Nava Yuva Manifesto (Research)

A Research Intern reports to the Content Head and commits to identifying, ideating and dealing with problems through thorough research, surveying and awareness campaigns. Following this, there will be proactive work to remedy these problems by implementing various strategies and programs.


Intern - Outreach

An outreach intern reports to the Communication Head will support the marketing and communication team. Your main responsibilities will include planning outreach campaigns both online and offline.


Intern - Content

A Content Intern reports to the Content Head and is highly motivated and results-driven with strong writing skills. The intern designs, develops and tests content marketing strategies and sets short-term goals.